How to "de-militarize" Warrant Officer in civilian terms

Around 2010, I  was the first to create a de-militarize resume workshop at Canadian Forces Base Kingston, and ultimately to CFB Trenton,, it was a feat to transition military skills into civilian terms. That was then. Earlier this year, Yvonne Rodney published Military to Civilian Employment: A Career Practitioner's Guide.   As a Career Professional, I  was a contributor, as one who deals with military and vets as clients. At long last, Yvonne managed to publish many military terms with the civilian equivalent in the last chapter. Horrah!  Now I want to elaborate on a concrete example for you-Warrant Officer.

Let's break down a Warrant Officer's major skills and competencies:

-applying high standards of conduct and behaviour in the workplace

Civilian equivalent: Ethics Officer; Human Resources Officer; Harassment Prevention Advisor

-displaying a high level of leadership to a large group making logical and quick decisions

Civilian equivalent: Leadership Coach; Business Advisor; Change Management Consultant; Business Management Consultant

-conducting effective training in group skills and theory

Civilian Equivalent: Instructor; Team Leader

-managing time and resources productively and efficiently to achieve a high level of quality control in all activities-

Civilian equivalent: Quality Control Manager; Quality Assurance Manager

-conduct investigations and prepare detailed written papers, reports and investigations

Civilian equivalent: Private Investigator; Intelligence Officer; Commissionaire; Security Officer

We go go on with other duties, but the point is to translate these titles and skills into language that civilian employers can understand! After that, it is up to you to communicate your value.

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Melissa Martin 

Military to civilian career coach


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