How your secondary duties in the military can impress civilian employers

I just glanced at my partner’s “secondary duties” list from his unit and gave me pause….

Since I have been working with military members, it is inevitable that they have SECONDARY duties . Some are assigned, and some are chosen. No
matter what, these secondary duties will help you with impressing civilian employers in many ways:

-communicate your BRAND-they go the extra mile for their employer -demonstrate to civilian employers that they actually have transferable skills that are comprehensible (more later)
-during an interview, identifying secondary duties shows initiative (a highly prized thing, from an employer’s perspective)

What’s the takeaway?

Because employers have a ONE TRACK MIND!

They are always thinking: how can we save or make money (bottom line) Reduce costs (it’s always the bottom line)
Improve something or increase efficiency This is especially true for non-profit employers or charitable organizations (I have worked for 4 non-profits, from a military family resource centre to a mental health agency, so I know what I speak!)

Let me give you an example of how you can leverage your SECONDARY duties to your advantage and parlay them into “civilian language” so
that employers will take notice of you:

Unit Information Systems Security Officer
-security is ever a growing field in the post-911 world....obviously!
-companies are eager to protect their reputation, with the increasing number of identity thefts abound

Unit webmaster
-similar to the above point. Add to that how much we all depend on online sites to access information, products and services

Unit First Aid Rep
-more job postings are requesting (not necessarily demanding) someone on staff how is certified in first aid.
This is more apparent in social service-oriented jobs.

Unit Health Promotion Rep
-more than ever before, we are health conscious and this influences how we purchases things. A “healthy” company in mind, body and spirit can be values that help you decide whether to apply to a company or business-employers are beginning to understand this.

Unit Coordinator of Official Languages
The social media age has put on imprint on the global village. Knowing more than one language is NEVER a deficit-only an advantage! I speak from
personal experience as a bilingual career professional, certified language educator and one who studied five languages. Read my article on how learning a second language can propel your career on my blog,

Unit Harassment Advisor
-thankfully, more provinces and states are taking a stand on harassment in the workplace. Having training or experience in this area is a godsend, especially if you are aspiring for a government job. One of the best courses I took at CFB Kingston
(voluntarily) was the harassment prevention advisor course.

Workplace Relations Advisors
-every work place has conflict. An extremely desirable skill is mediation.
This is not exhaustive list by any means, however, all of these examples impress employers.
So what are YOUR secondary duties that you can convey to attract employers?

Make a list.

Then include them in your self-marketing documents (resume, cover letter, social media profiles, portfolio).

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