modesty in interviews

Military modesty goes out the window

In my 17 years’ experience as a career expert, including work with military members and veterans (I am
ex-navy and a proud military spouse), “modesty goes out the window.”  Plain and simple. 

Yet, I have had clients tell me:

(....role, task, responsibility),  “It’s part of my job.”
“It’s what I do….” (role, task, accomplishment), 

“It is what I do everyday.”

Some of the most accomplished military members I have encountered-from privates to commanders in the navy give themselves
short shrift. What a pity!

While I worked at two military bases in Kingston and in Trenton, I had many military members, officers and non-commissioned members seek my

Let’s do a reality check.

Employers are constantly looking for VALUE and an ROI (return on investment). They only care about their investment (potentially hiring
you), IF you communicate that the amount of what they are prepared to compensate you (salary, training costs, benefits package), outweighs the
COST of hiring you. 

I know, you may be thinking, “But my salary increases are based on promotion, rank and years of service.” Provided that your performance evaluation recommends a promotion ….

While transitioning to the civilian world, stop being modest! Know your value.

Once you have identified a clear job or career goal, research the equivalent of what you did in the military and replace modesty with VALUE and past
ACCOMPLISHMENTS and ACHIEVEMENTS that would attract a civilian employer and give you a justifiable reason for being hired over someone else
(your competitor). In the same vein, don’t assume that a civilian employer will necessarily understand the scope of responsibility while you were in the military. 

Here is the puzzling factor. 

Both civilian  employers and outgoing military members, who have been in the service,
don’t necessarily understand each others’ culture, values and equivalencies.

So I repeat: do not let your MODEST nature preclude you from landing a rewarding, enjoyable civilian job or career. It will do you no favours
and only hinder your next career. 

HOT TIP: Look up your performance evaluations and review your ratings.

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